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Happy National Poetry Month (in April, that is)! Keep reading for spring events and what Circling Rivers writers are up to! And don’t forget – signed copies of (most of) CR books are available at our online bookstore, free shipping to US addresses. CR Bookstore Upcoming Poetry Events Bryan R. Monte reads in Columbus (with Rebecca … Read more

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Read in the new year with poetry! Signed collections available at the Circling Rivers bookstore. Free shipping, easy pay. Travelers, by David Michael Belczyk: Places, love and loss Alcestis in the Underworld, by Nina Murray: A Ukrainian in Moscow Blue, by Erin Wilson: A mother’s love and a child moving through depression Love’s Fingerprints, by Bernard … Read more


Free books!  Reviews are so very important (and hard to get) for small presses! Whether you’re a blogger or a journalist (or both) – we have a limited number of print review copies available for TRAVELERS: POEMS, by David Michael Belczyk and LOVE’S FINGERPRINTS: POEMS, by Bernard Horn. We have digital (PDF) copies available for all our titles. Contact … Read more


This May I went to check the Circling Rivers Post Office box. In it was a letter from Bill Henderson…   I am pleased to announce that work from your press has been selected to be included in Pushcart Prize XLVIII (2024 edition)….  The work in question is “Blue,” the title poem from Erin Wilson’s … Read more

Circling Rivers April 2023

You will never be alone with a poet in your pocket. – John Adams author-signed | free shipping | easy pay via PayPal or credit card Circling Rivers welcomes David Michael Belczyk, whose poetry collection Travelers will be published by CR in June 2023. “These are poignant songs of longing and desire that evoke the complexities of … Read more

Circling Rivers, January 2023

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Poetry is the liquid voice that can wear through stone. – Adrienne Rich author-signed | free shipping | easy pay via PayPal or credit card– limited quantities of signed books – You will never be alone with a poet in your pocket. – John Adams CIRCLING RIVERS WRITERS Jean Huets | Review of Before All the … Read more

Circling Rivers, May 2022

Getting close! June 21 — the Summer Solstice — is publication date of Nothing But Light: Poems, by Barbara Schwartz and Krista J.H. Leahy. Nothing But Light explores the sacred feminine through the poets’ shared visits to places and people of spiritual revelation—a mosque, a temple, a shaman, a tree. Its poems form a guidebook … Read more

Circling Rivers, March 2022

Circling Rivers stands with poet and translator Nina Murray and her colleagues in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Letter in LA Review of Books. Recently published book lists help us grasp the dimensions of the crisis. But nearly all the compilations, however worthy, neglect the most raw and immediate medium of literary expression, a medium that, … Read more