Jan 2024 CR news

Read in the new year with poetry!
Signed collections available at the Circling Rivers bookstore.
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Travelers, by David Michael Belczyk: Places, love and loss
Alcestis in the Underworld, by Nina Murray: A Ukrainian in Moscow
Blue, by Erin Wilson: A mother’s love and a child moving through depression
Love’s Fingerprints, by Bernard Horn: The love that binds family down three generations despite anti-Semitism, emigration, a North American trans-continental relocation, and war
Nothing But Light, by Krista J.H. Leahy & Barbara Schwartz: the spiritual feminine through the experience of sacred places from temples to “walking” trees
On the Level, by Bryan R. Monte: A deft exploration on living with multiple sclerosis, and a daring foray into the nature of illness, the limits of the medical profession and the boundless potential of the human psyche to transcend its physical shell
Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass: the complete collection in 17 (really) pocket-sized volumes
Wasteland Honey, by Robert Clinton: The living and dying world with which we contend—or to which we surrender in arresting and eccentric metaphors that linger, with the burning touch of a thistle
Praise and Threnody, by Robert Hazel: “Robert Hazel has written poems that stand, not only apart, but high and alone.” —Wendell Berry
Loplop in a Red City, by Kenneth Pobo: Poems that spring from artworks old and new, figurative to abstract, Vincent Van Gogh to Leonora Carrington to Max Ernst
At Home with Disquiet, by Erin Wilson: Raw, tender, always unsparing, Wilson gives us a woman growing even as her children grow, revealing to her more of the world, dissipating the violence of the self
With Walt Whitman, Himself, by Jean Huets (nonfiction): “A true Whitmanian feast—for the intellect as well as for the eyes.” — Ed Folsom
With Walt Whitman in Camden, by Horace Traubel (ebook only): On daily visits, Traubel recorded Walt Whitman’s insights on a wide range of topics: US and international politics, celebrities and ordinary people, art, literature and the literary scene, publishing and printing craft, music, street life in a nineteenth-century working class neighborhood, and his poetic process and reflections |