March 2024 CR News

Happy National Poetry Month (in April, that is)! Keep reading for spring events and what Circling Rivers writers are up to! And don’t forget – signed copies of (most of) CR books are available at our online bookstore, free shipping to US addresses. CR Bookstore

Upcoming Poetry Events

Bryan R. Monte reads in Columbus (with Rebecca Gonzalez-Bartoli), New York (with Timothy Liu and Ivy Raff), and Pennsylvania | Info | Watch the New York reading on YouTube

David Michael Belczyk reads in Pittsburg | Info 

And of course —April is National Poetry Month! Here are some ideas on celebrating poetry, from Academy of American Poets. (And browse around their site, while you’re at it. LOTS of poetry and poets.)

Circling Rivers Writers

Kenneth Pobo | “Unspontaneous Dulcet,” at Paper Dragon | “I Like When,” “National Don’t Say Gay Law,” “Complicit, “Another Dreary Fascist,” at Wordpeace

Jean Huets |  Feature on Elizabeth Gonzalez Jones, author of The Bullet Swallower, at Historical Novel Society

Erin Wilson | “The Snow Burial,” Grain Magazine, here | “Wanting to Call this Poem Clerestory, I Settle on Collateral Damage,” “Late April,” “Shinrin-Yoku, January.” North Dakota Quarterly, 90 3/4, here | “A Walking Prayer,” Prairie Fire, here. Audio, here. | “The Poem that Beats All Wars, Defeats All Enemies, Annihilates Annihilation,” Room, 47.1, Utopia issue, available for preorder, here | “Escaping the News,” and “The Fires,” EVENT magazine here


Alt Sagas by Jean Huets cover

Jean Huets’ novella and short story collection ALT SAGAS is out March 14. Says Susan Cokal (The Kingdom of Little Wounds), “A Norse saga, a Shakespearean tragedy, a Wild West showdown: Jean Huets’ tour-de-force takes of our cultural touchstones help to explain how we crashed our way into a frightening future; they also promise that we are more than the sum of our technology and our losses.” More information, and to pre-order signed copies at gertrude m books / Circling Rivers or pre-order from booksellers here