Circling Rivers April 2023

You will never be alone with a poet in your pocket. – John Adams
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Circling Rivers welcomes David Michael Belczyk, whose poetry collection Travelers will be published by CR in June 2023. “These are poignant songs of longing and desire that evoke the complexities of attraction to the real and imagined, the actual and the mythic, the love that compels the poet to meander for meaning ‘toward the end of all roads.’” — Orlando Ricardo Menes, The Gospel of Wildflowers and Weeds

See the Travelers book page for more, and a sample. Advance review copies of Travelers are available; request from Jean Huets.


Congratulations to Robert Clinton, for winning the Grand Prize of Crosswinds Poetry annual poetry contest! Robert Clinton’s “Still, Bison Are Bowing” was selected from over 1500 entries. It is a beautiful poem—we will supply a link when it’s posted at Crosswinds.

Nina Murray | Nina’s award winning translation of Cassandra, by Lesya Ukrainka, got stage productions in Cambridge and Oxford, England. More, plus an interview with Nina, at Euronews

Erin WilsonInterview with Rob McLennan on writing poetry | “Delivering a Birthday Cake to My Daughter in a Distant City, I Listen to Thomas Quasthoff Perform ‘Der Leiermann’ from Winterreise.” The Honest Ulsterman link (and here’s the Quasthoff performance on YouTube) 

Kenneth Pobo | “Crimsons” “Bobolinko Enters Heaven – and Leaves” at Wildcourt | “Anything Else?” “On the Road” “Leaky Love Affair” at The Rumen