Circling Rivers, November 2022

What to give?

A gift card for a couple of cups of mediocre coffee? You glug it down in the car, you get heartburn and/or the jitters, and you’re left with a throwaway cup.

Or there’s poetry. You read a poem, and your mind and imagination ignite each other. Another poem, or even another read of the same poem, and it’s a whole new dance. You’re left with new ideas, previously unknown feelings or a feeling that someone finally gets it, a deeper understanding of what it is to be human, and… a book signed by a poet, if you order from the Circling Rivers bookstore. Free shipping, btw.

November publications

Congratulations to Erin Wilson and Bryan R. Monte, whose books came out this month from Circling Rivers! Those of you who pre-ordered should have your author-signed books by now—thank you!

Erin Wilson’s BLUE: POEMS got a beautiful review in Mayday Magazine. From it: “The entirety of Blue is wrought with both tenderness and anguish, hope and helplessness, and, above all, honesty and vulnerable love.”

Bryan R. Monte’s ON THE LEVEL: POEMS ON LIVING WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS earned high praise in SoFloPoJo review: “On the Level isn’t an easy book to read. Nor should it be. But for those whose ablism make them lean toward power, arrogance, and corruption—and also those who are part of the disability community and relate to this intimate, defiant look at a complex disease—it’s a necessary one.”


KENNETH POBO | “Bobolinko Can’t Shoot.  “The One Time”  Minyan Magazine | “Joyce Kilmer’s ‘Trees’” Heimat Review | “Dulcet Tones at the Dinner Party” “Skip at the Cemetery” “Messing Up”  Inkwell (print) pp. 1-2.

ERIN WILSON | “[via negativa,]” in Mayday | | “Source,” in The Windhover | “The Arrival of a Train (at La Ciotat Station), A Documentary, 1896, The Lumière Brothers,” One (magazine) | “Providence Bay, Driftwood,” The Lakeshore Review Summer/Autumn 2022 (print only) | “Midnight Solved as Snow,” Hamilton Stone Review. | ”Pleasure and Peril, A Journey,” Slant.

BRYAN R. MONTE | “Gravity” Italian Americana issue XL no. 1 (print)