Circling Rivers, March 2022

Circling Rivers stands with poet and translator Nina Murray and her colleagues in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Letter in LA Review of Books.

Recently published book lists help us grasp the dimensions of the crisis. But nearly all the compilations, however worthy, neglect the most raw and immediate medium of literary expression, a medium that, with music, is a culture’s most portable, and often most enduring, legacy. That is, poetry. Toward raising awareness of contemporary Ukrainian poetry accessible to English speakers, Nina Murray shared with Jean Huets a list of Ukrainian poetry collections available to English-language readers here

Free books! 

Reviews are so very important (and hard to get) for small presses! However and wherever you like to post your thoughts about books, we have review copies available for Nothing but Light, by Barbara Schwartz and Krista J.H. Leahy. Nothing but Light explores the sacred feminine through the poets’ shared visits to places and people of spiritual revelation-a mosque, a temple, a shaman, a tree. Its poems form a guidebook to expansive and numinous spaces of body and spirit. To get your review copy, email jeanh at circlingrivers dot com – specify print or PDF (note print copies are limited). 

Publication date of Nothing but Light is Solstice Day – June 21, 2022. 

Most of our books are available signed by the author, with free shipping here


March 24 | 2022 Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony – Robert Hazel, whose collected poems we published as Praise and Threnody, will be inducted. info

Nina Murray‘s translation of Lesia Ukrainka’s feminist, poetic drama Cassandra, first produced in 1908, won the Ukrainian Institute London’s 2021 Ukrainian Literature in Translation prize. Watch a discussion with Murray and excerpts from the play, spoken by professional actors, on youtube


JEAN HUETS | Review of Hans Von Trotha’s Pollak’s Arm at The Rumpus  | “Showing Us Our Humanity: Juhea Kim’s Beasts of a Little Land” (feature article Historical Novel Society), and a companion piece, with photos, Juhea Kim writes here, at Jean’s blog. 

ERIN WILSON | Three poems included in Erin’s forthcoming CR publication BlueClair de LuneBoy ImpastoedDefense Against the Dark Arts, at Triggerfish, with audio of poet reading | ”Escaping into Glenn Gould,” Honest Ulsterman link | “My Sister Wears Five Gold Barrettes and Smells of Mint and Cigarette Smoke,” Mason Street Review link | “Beginning of Winter,” Innisfree Poetry Journal link |” Emergence,” Columba, link

KEN POBO | “Dining Out,” link, at A Coup of Owls | “I Knew Bobolinko in High School,” Third Wednesday, Winter, 2022 | Sore Points, Finishing Line Press (book; print only)

BRYAN R. MONTE | “Gravity,” included in Bryan’s forthcoming CR collection On The Level, is in Winter 2022 (print only) issue of Italian-Americana. | Bryan published issue 33 of Amsterdam Quarterly on Flight including travels, travails, and flights of the imagination. AQ33 includes Bryan’s interview with writer and NPR columnist Andrei Codrescu.


Thanks to Magdalena Ball, editor of Compulsive Reader, for her ongoing support of Circling Rivers, via reviews of our books, and for running Jean’s article on Ukrainian poetry.