Circling Rivers, May 2022

Getting close! June 21 — the Summer Solstice — is publication date of Nothing But Light: Poems, by Barbara Schwartz and Krista J.H. Leahy. Nothing But Light explores the sacred feminine through the poets’ shared visits to places and people of spiritual revelation—a mosque, a temple, a shaman, a tree. Its poems form a guidebook to expansive and numinous spaces of body and spirit. Kathleen Ossip (July) celebrates Nothing But Light: “The Feminine Divine has been brought out from under the dustcover of myth and wrenched into vibrant life.” 

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See Events page at Circling Rivers, for happenings, including: Bryan Monte will read “Don’t Ask” during the Hippocrates Open commended poets online reading on Wednesday, 13 July 2022. Info “Don’t Ask” is in On the Level, Poems on Living with Multiple Sclerosis, forthcoming from Circle Rivers November 2022.


BARBARA SCHWARTZ & KRISTA J.H. LEAHY | “They Say You Are Everywhere”  The Common

Robert Hazel inducted into KY Hall of Fame, Maurice Manning reading from PRAISE AND THRENODY
Poet Maurice Manning reading from PRAISE AND THRENODY, by Robert Hazel, at Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame, March 24, 2022. Photo by Mahan Multimedia

ROBERT HAZEL | Circling Rivers is proud to note that when Robert was inducted posthumously to the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame in March, the poems read at the ceremony were from Praise and Threnody: Collected Poems, published by Circling Rivers.

BERNARD HORN | ”Glamour,” “June 19. Against Transformation,” “June 25. Litany,” “August 20. Mattresses”  Sixfold Poetry

ERIN WILSON |  “Gnomon.” Verse Daily. Link  | ”Ochres” The Crank Magazine. Link | “She Prepares Her Body for the Earth” The Emerson Review. Link | “Genesis.” Fourteen Hills. (print) Link | “A Philosophy of Water” in anthology Worth More Standing Link | ”The Scent of Cedar.” Reed Magazine (print) Link

BRYAN MONTE | “Suspended” in anthology Without a Doubt: poems illuminating faith (New York Quarterly Books) Link

KEN POBO |  “Normal Forest,” “A Little Over 6000 Years Ago” Light on the Walls of Life, A Tribute Anthology to Lawrence Ferlinghetti Link  | “I Love You With My Ford,” Two Thirds North, 2022 Link

NINA MURRAY | On the stories that reveal the soul of Ukraine, article by John Self in BBC World Link | Translation: “Emptiness and the Shape It Takes,” essay by Alina Zubkovych. Link  | Contributor to Reading for Ukraine, at U of Iowa International Writing Program (video) Link  | Poems translated into Kazakh and Russian Link | Jill! YouTube channel dedicated to women translators features Nina Murray reading from “We, the Deported: A Coda” by Oksana Zabuzhko Link