In the Nineteenth Century, in America

WWHimself_FINAL_landscby JEAN HUETS

“A beautiful book of windows onto the life of Walt Whitman,” says award-winning poet Steve Scafidi of With Walt Whitman: Himself, an interactive book. “From the clear ringing prose to the fascinating photographs and colored illustrations of the great poet’s life we find the man anew—standing in his time and looking straight at us…. [Huets] has made a book of marvels and I can’t put it down.”

Over 300 period images and text with extensive quotes by Walt Whitman and his family and friends (and enemies) immerse the reader in Walt’s tempestuous life: a family harrowed by alcoholism and mental illness; the bloody Civil War; burgeoning, brawling Manhattan and Brooklyn; literary allies and rivals; and his beloved America, racked by disunion even while racing westward.

“Jean Huets’ With Walt Whitman: Himself is a true Whitmanian feast—for the intellect as well as for the eyes. It is hard to put this remarkably interactive book down once you’ve opened its riches—beautifully reproduced illustrations of Whitman’s various places, friends, family, disciples, contemporaries—his cities and his rural retreats. The descriptions of his life and times are concise and smart. The book keeps opening up to new facets of Whitman, his work, and his era. Every time I open my iPad, I’m tempted to enter into it again, and I find myself often giving in to the temptation.” — Ed Folsom, Editor of Walt Whitman Quarterly Review and Whitman Series, and Co-Director of Walt Whitman Archive


ISBN 978-1-939530-00-4 | 197 pp.


About Jean Huets

Jean Huets’ writing on the American Civil War period can be found in the The New York Times and The Civil War Monitor. Among her other published work, she co-authored with Stuart R. Kaplan The Enyclopedia of Tarot. She is co-founder of Circling Rivers, publisher of Americana: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

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