With Walt Whitman in Camden


With Walt Whitman in Camden
All 9 volumes – searchable! A first-hand look into nineteenth century America and Walt Whitman’s poetic process, with Whitman’s often prophetic insights.


“The most honest biography ever written in the English language.” 

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Nearly every evening for four years, Horace Traubel wrote an account of his daily visit with Walt Whitman. He quoted Whitman’s insights on the personalities on a wide range of topics: US and international politics, celebrities and ordinary people, art, literature and the literary scene, publishing and printing craft, music, street life in a nineteenth-century working class neighborhood, and of course his poetic process and reflections on his great work Leave of Grass.  

We draw close to Walt Whitman himself, a man pledged to simplicity in his life style, approaching death with candor and stoicism, and ever engaged, even on his deathbed, with the rank and file of humanity. Traubel’s diary has been justly called “the most truthful biography in the language.”

The Circling Rivers ebook captures in one volume With Walt Whitman in Camden, originally published as nine volumes. Complete searching and reading are enhanced, and typographical errors and inconsistencies from previous editions are corrected. NOTE: The illustrations from the print edition are not included. 

“A life-like portrait appears before the reader.… There are so many good things in this book that one does not know what to cite. We must conclude that Traubel was a good reporter because he knew how by questions and remarks to bring Whitman out.” — Albert Mordell, Pa. Magazine of History and Biography

Horace Logo Traubel (1858–1919) was an American essayist, poet, magazine publisher, author, and labor activist. He published a monthly literary magazine called The Conservator from 1890 until the time of his death. A noted poet in his time, Traubel is now most remembered as the literary executor and biographer of Walt Whitman, and helped him prepare the final “deathbed” edition of Leaves of Grass.