Circling Rivers June 2023


Congratulations to David Michael Belczyk, whose collection TRAVELERS: POEMS was published June 20! And thanks to all who pre-ordered! (You should have your copies in hand by now.) We have a limited number of TRAVELERS review copies available. If you’re interested in reviewing the book – whether on your blog, at an online bookseller, or in a regular publication — let us know by responding to this email; don’t forget to provide a mailing address.

The title poem from Erin Wilson‘s collection BLUE is a 2024 Pushcart prize winner — in her words: Holy Wow!

Circling Rivers YouTube channel

Erin Wilson reads her poem “The Last Blue Heron,” via West Trade Review on YouTube  

Bryan R. Monte reads “The Hotel” from On the Level: Poems on Living with Multiple Sclerosis at United Disability Services in Akron, Ohio. on youtube 


Robert Clinton will read “Still, Bison Are Bowing” and other poems, along with other poets and musicians, at Warwick Center for the Arts, Warwick, RI, on June 28, 6:30 – 8:30 PM. info here


Bryan R. Monte |  Dr. Elizabeth Glass has chosen ON THE LEVEL as curriculum reading for her class on Disability Studies, at Bellarmine University. 

Kenneth Pobo |  “Ambulances,” “Bobolinko Lost, Found, And In Between,” Illuminations, Summer 2023, No. 38, pp. 562-53. (print) | “Finally Here,” Third Wednesday Magazine, Summer 2023, link.

Jean Huets |  Review of Before All the World, by Moriel Rothman-Zecher, at Historical Novel Society

Nina Murray | “how to write a poem about Bucha” in Daedalus, Spring 2023, | Ivan and Phoebe, by Oksana Lutsyshyna, translated from the Ukrainian, Deep Vellum

Erin Wilson | “The Distance” “Going Back” in Body Literature | “Orphaned Rabbits” in Verse Daily | “The Last Blue Heron, West Trade Review, link | “Invention,” Vallum Magazine, link | “Pause,” and “A Great Humming, Red Tree Review, link | ”Doppelgänger,” “Recipe,” Jet Fuel Review, link | ”Things I Forgot to Tell You,” On the Seawall, link.