Circling Rivers, October 2021

If you’re thinking of giving poetry this season (I hope you are!) or any books, be sure to do your shopping early. Publishers and booksellers are facing delays in every aspect of getting books to you. (NYT article on this)

Fortunately, Circling Rivers has books on hand for you, signed by the authors (the live ones, anyway), ready to mail. To buy, with free shipping in US and payment via credit card or paypal, visit the CIRCLING RIVERS BOOKSHOP

#pubdate – November 9

Clinton Wasteland Honey front cover

WASTELAND HONEY: POEMS, by Robert Clinton, is available for pre-order

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“The combination of heart-on-sleeve humanity with linguistic happiness offers the full range of poetic pleasures. Robert Clinton’s poems take chances and get away with it. They are the work of a thoroughly sophisticated and original mind.” — Linda Bamber, Metropolitan Tang: Poems; Taking What I Like: Stories; and Tragic Women, Comic Men: A Feminist Analysis of Shakespeare’s Plays

Loosen the girdle of your expectations and give yourself over to the lush sound/sense of WASTELAND HONEY’s magical world. You won’t be disappointed you did.” — Mark Pawlak, My Deniversity: Knowing Denise Levertov; editor Hanging Loose.

NEW! Complete Leaves of Grass, by Walt Whitman: Circling Rivers Pocket Edition

“I shall never be set at rest till we have Leaves of Grass in such little volumes—Song of Myself in one—and so on.” — Horace Traubel, from With Walt Whitman in Camden

The Circling Rivers Pocket Edition of the complete Leaves of Grass is issued just as Walt Whitman’s BFF wished: a set of “little volumes” (17, to be exact). Each volume can fit in a jacket pocket, the back pocket of a pair of jeans, or even in an elegant evening bag. Whitman scholar Ed Folsom calls it a “wonderful collection of truly pocket-sized pieces of Leaves of Grass.” DETAILS HERE


BERNARD HORN | “September 10. The Danish,” in Stories that Need to be Told 2021 anthology (TulipTree). 

ERIN WILSON | “Wanting to Own a Painting is Like Wanting Love to Cure You or Using Paper Money to Staunch a Wound,” “Blueweed,” “Saffron” and “Zaffre” in The Temz Review | “Alarm,” in Canthius (print) | “Just a Sparrow in Summerset Review 

KENNETH POBO | “Dulcet Tones in a Diner Three Days Before It Burns Down Under Suspicious Circumstances,” In RAN OFF WITH THE STAR BASSOON  | “Lavender Nuptuals,” in CHIRON REVIEW (print) | “Bathers,” “Child With Doll,” in MULBERRY LITERARY

NINA MURRAY | “For S.” in the 2022 Women Artists Datebook by the Syracuse Cultural Workers Collective:  | For L.D., in Inscribe Journal | Moderated reading with Ukrainian poet Iryna Shuvalova, author of Pray to the Empty Wells, on youtube. Nina’s review of the book | Co-translated from Ukrainian to English, with Kate Tsurkan, an essay by Khrystia Vengryniuk meetingchaseplace | AWSS Heldt prize for best translation in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Women’s and Gender Studies 2021 (biennial), for Your Ad Could Go Here story collection by Oksana Zabuzhko, co-translated with Halyna Hryn, Askold Melnyczuk, Marco Carynnyk, and Marta Horban. 

JEAN HUETS | Review of CHASING ME TO MY GRAVE: AN ARTIST’S MEMOIR OF THE JIM CROW SOUTH, by Winfred Rembert in On The Seawall | “An Interview with Norbert Losche, Creator of the Cosmic Tarot,” in The Cartomancer magazine, June 2021 | ezine