Circling Rivers, August 2021

NEW: With Walt Whitman in Camden

With Walt Whitman in Camden

Nearly every evening for the last four years of Walt Whitman’s life, Horace Traubel wrote an account of his daily visit with the poet. He recorded his elder friend’s insights on a wide range of topics: US and international politics, celebrities and ordinary people, art, literature and the literary scene, publishing and printing craft, music, street life in a nineteenth-century working class neighborhood, and of course his poetic process and reflections on his great work Leave of Grass. Traubel’s diary has been justly called “the most truthful biography in the language.”

The Circling Rivers ebook of With Walt Whitman in Camden captures in one volume the original nine print volumes. The one volume enhances complete searching and reading. Typographical errors and inconsistencies from previous editions are corrected.

You’ll want to read this if you’re a Walt Whitmanian, or if you find nineteenth-century America fascinating, or if you just like to peek into other people’s lives (strangely, With Walt Whitman in Camden evoked the experience of reading Knausgaard’s My Struggle). I’m into all of that. But the book also holds something beautiful and unexpected: an example of how to age and die, even when in extreme pain.

9 vols. in 1 available as ebook:
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Clinton Wasteland Honey front cover

Circling Rivers will publish Robert Clinton‘s poetry collection WASTELAND HONEY in November 2021.

The poems in WASTELAND HONEY take surprising twists and turns, in language and in emotion and thought. Linda Bamber, author of Metropolitan Tang: Poems, captures what drew us to publish the collection: “These poems take chances and get away with it. They are the work of a thoroughly sophisticated and original mind.”

The cover features an artwork by Egon Schiele. And Robert’s prose poem (which isn’t in the collection) on Schiele, is posted at The Ekphrastic Review HERE.  


August 24, 1:30 – 3:00 pm EDT | Online event | Nina Murray will read from her translation of Oksana Lutsyshyna’s award-winning Ivan and Phoebe, an exclusive preview of a massive work in Progress. At Ukraine at 30: Back to the 1990s is a fundraiser to support Ukraine House of London. INFO


ERIN WILSON | “Gold,” with audio of Erin reading, at Symposeum | “There Will Be Enough Time Otherwise for Salaciousness and Ruin,” at The Shore | “A Darkness of Nectar,” includes audio of Erin reading at The Pedestal Magazine

KEN POBO | “Bobolinko in a Forest,” “Wandawoowoo And Math,” “Wandawoowoo Gets Drunk And Watches All About Eve,” Adelaide Magazine | “Get Up!  Everything’s Lavender!,” “Lenny Ghost,” “The Kiss,” at Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, No. 4, 2021 (print). | “Dinette Set,” Roanoke Review.

NINA MURRAY | Poets and postcards go together, and August is the postcard poetry festival month. Nina will be celebrating – info at her blog

BERNIE HORN | Four poems at the Poetry and Covid project, sponsored by the UK Arts and Humanities Council at University of Plymouth and Nottingham Trent University:


Francesca Bell’s poem “Lightning Coming Closer All the Time, is posted at the same issue of The Pedestal Magazine as Erin’s poem “A Darkness of Nectar.” Francesca offered an appreciation of Erin’s collection: “This book will smolder inside you long after you close its pages.”