Circling Rivers, June 2021


In time for Robert Hazel’s centennial birth year, his collected poems, PRAISE AND THRENODY, is available from booksellers. Links to buy

“Robert Hazel has written poems that stand, not only apart, but high and alone.” —Wendell Berry.

Gritty and tender, raw and lyrical, Robert Hazel’s poetry illuminates the mystical in the commonplace, the sacred body in the exploited flesh, the human voice amidst the racket of our machines. His vision of America’s life never flinches, it never loses faith, and it stays true to this day.


Nina Murray reads her essay “A Birthday Wish for the National Poetry Month” on CR youtube channel, offering insight on publishing and bookselling. Read the essay at  

Jean Huets describes and reads her favorite Whitman poem “To a Stranger,” “a heart lesson in what we can be with each other.” On “Sparks of History” channel


BERNARD HORNLove’s Fingerprints reviewed by Jonathan Riccio Verdad 

ERIN WILSON | “Corm of Cyclamen,” “Exigent, This: That” and “In the Presence Of” in Reliquiae, 9.1, 2021, (See “Shipping” menus for US orders) | poem in You are a Flower Growing off the Side of a Cliff, a chapbook anthology about mental health and resiliency | “The Great Appraisal” in Trinity House Review | “Field Guide” and “Certainty” in Dunes Review | “Threshold” in Crab Creek Review. | “Fox” in Hamilton Stone, Spring 2021

KEN POBO | “Get! Everything’s Lavender!,” “The Kiss,” “Lenny Ghost,” in Pittsburgh Poetry Journal  | “Aunt Stokesia’s Three Big Pronouncements,” “Night Life,” “Saloogy,” in Anthropocene 

NINA MURRAY | Review of Christopher Merrill’s Flares at Compulsive Reader  | Your Ad Could Go Here, translated (with others) by Nina Murray won 2021 prize for Best Translation, American Association for Ukrainian Studies

JEAN HUETS | Jean will speak with Susan Wands and Glen Craney on The Tarot in Historical Fiction, at Historical Novel Society Conference | info | Book reviews: Unsettled Memories: First Person Singular, by Haruki Murakami at The Rumpus; Waterfall, by Mary Casanova at Historical Novel Society | This Side of Hell, by Brett Cogburn at Historical Novel Society