April 2020

Featured Poet Book Giveaway
& a poet’s C-19 message

To help keep poetry out of isolation, Circling Rivers is hosting a series of Featured Poet Book Giveaways

Our featured poet for this giveaway is Erin Wilson. Publication day of Erin’s At Home with Disquiet  passed, well, quietly. No celebration gathering or bookstore reading. So let’s throw a little launch party for her — there might be a free book in it for you! Erin wrote an article for her local paper, in which she describes the interweaving of her poetry with family, the past, and the landscape of her home, Manitou Island on Lake Huron, Canada. Read it here

Featured Poet Book Giveaway how-to

Post a video of yourself reading a poem from At Home with Disquiet. Send us the link, and from those we’ll randomly pick someone to receive a free, signed copy of the book, or your choice of another Circling Rivers poetry collection.

  • Several poems to choose from are posted at this sooper-seekret link. Or you can pick another poem, if you already have the book. If more than one person chooses the same poem — all the more interesting.
  • Introduce the video by saying something like: “TITLE OF POEM, by Erin Wilson, from her book At Home with Disquiet, published by Circling Rivers.” Feel free to add some words of your own about the poem, eg, why you picked it, what it means to you.
  • If you’re camera shy, film your surroundings or artworks (public domain / creative commons / original). 
  • Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube, your blog… wherever. Send us a link that clicks directly to the video post. (A general link to your blog or Facebook can make the video hard to find in a bustling news feed.) How to get a FB post link. On a blog, click the headline of the post, then copy the URL in the address bar. 
  • Slick professionalism is not required! Just enough audio quality for the poem to be understood. 

Giveaway runs from now to April 30.  After the giveaway ends, the names of those who sent CR a link will be fed into a randomizer (probably this one). The person whose name is “picked” gets a free, author-signed copy of At Home with Disquiet, or your choice of another Circling Rivers poetry book. All the vid links will be posted (if possible) on the Circling Rivers website. 

Fair being fair, I’ll go first. (For obvious reasons I’m out of the running for the giveaway.) Here’s Jean Huets reading “A Small Room with a Generous View,” from At Home with Disquiet. 

Books signed, gift-wrapped, free-shipped: Go gift-shopping without leaving your house (or going on Amazon). Buy signed, gift-wrapped, free-shipped (in US) CR books here

A poet’s C-19 message I was very moved to receive Bernard Horn‘s spontaneous gift of a poem. (I almost wrote, gift of a prayer, because Bernie’s “March 27 The Bird” has a feeling of prayer in it.) To add to the riches, Nina Murray sent a poem as well. Hers will be featured in the next CR newsletter. (PS We’re well here, working at home with plenty of caution to keep everything, including books, healthy and clean.) 

March 27 The Bird

But it isn’t nothing, 
to know even one moment alive,
–Ellen Bass

as in this plague year
five of us are Skyping 
or WhatsApping each other

every day across three continents 
although there are few swerves in the news,

as the the deathtoll
hits 24,000 and the hollowness

of our president battens and battens.
At the drug store, though, 

the man behind you on line
takes a gracious dance step-and-a-half back,

and tilts his head, whimsical, dead
serious, and amused, and on Donlon Street

Wawee Wawee 
                    wa wa wa wa wow!

the pitch and beat of an unseen bird
sounding its coloratura shofar

in call and response cadence,
amused (too?), as it easily outdoes 

my dry-lipped whistly strivings,
as if the natural world we despoil so casually

feels a large kindliness towards us
all which it cannot suppress.