Circling Rivers, June 2020


All Circling Rivers books are now available in hardcover. That means you’ll be more likely to find them in your local lending library. If you don’t find them there, please request them! (Circling Rivers books, paper and hardcover, are available to booksellers and libraries via Ingram or direct from us.) 


The featured poet for this giveaway is Kenneth Pobo, author of Loplop in a Red City, a collection of ekphrastic poems, that is, poems inspired by artworks. 

Book Giveaway how-to

  • Send a poem inspired by a specific work of visual art: painting, photograph, sculpture, film, whatever. Email to Jean Huets.
  • Any length is fine.
  • Include the title and artist of the artwork that inspired your poem.
  • Include your own name / penname as you wish to be credited.
  • Previously published is allowed, but you must hold full rights to the poem you enter.
  • You retain full rights to the poem you enter.
  • By entering, you give Circling Rivers permission to post your poem on the Circling Rivers website and on social media. (If you don’t wish for your poem to be posted, tell us in your email.)
  • Each poet has only one chance to win (multiple entries don’t increase the odds).
  • Giveaway runs from now to September 1.

The winner’s name will be picked using a randomizer. They will receive a free, signed copy of Loplop in a Red City.


Some CR writers’ events (mostly online) made it past the deluge of cancellations this year. Find them here


Bernard Horn

Bernard Horn | Cover reveal! Here’s the cover of Bernard Horn’s Love’s Fingerprints, forthcoming in November 2020. The art on the cover is “Messy Fingerprints,” by Linda Klein. The book will have a page on the Circling Rivers website in July. 

Nina Murray | Interview on books, animals, not having children, and the importance of being funny. Listen | Poem “Cicadas Respond to Billy Collins” in the chapbook Cicada Sex Songs, one of four in a chapbooks set from Pen and Anvil Press that “invites the reader to look closer at their environment.” | Poem in the collaborative ghazal project Poetry is Like BreadRead, listen, watch it  | Your Ad Could Go Here, edited and partially translated by Nina Murray, featured in The New York Times’ “sneak preview of books coming out in 2020 from around the world” and reviewed in Kirkus.

Kenneth Pobo | Poems: “In the Van Gogh Museum, I Talk to Vincent” and “Remedios Varo: The Creation of the Birds” in the spring 2020 issue of print journal Chiron Review. | Poem “Days of 1972”  in Take A Stand Against Hate, a Raven Chronicles Anthology.

Jean Huets | Review of Where You’re All Going: Four Novellas, by Joan Frank at Ron Slate’s On the Seawall 

Erin Wilson | Poem “The Black Draft”  at Gyroscope Review. “The Black Draft” is in Erin’s CR collection, At Home with Disquiet. For those who haunt rivers, a few lines will evoke the dark, shiny turtles that sun themselves on rocks and logs. | At Poetica Review, “Some Images of Women,” “A Human Poem,” and “Crosshairs.” | In Hamilton Stone Review, “Drift,” and “In Concert (part ii.).” | “Cicatrix” in About Place Journal | “Canadian Kyoto,” and “Tracks” are in print journal Pembroke #52 

poem by Nina Murray

As promised in our last newsletter, Nina Murray’s poem on our daily situation…

wild chives on the playground
a single crow rehearses
short laughs

all things small when watched from below
a squirrel who flicks his tail
roofers astride the ridge

nail guns boom

the parking lot full at midday
on a Tuesday
so much for our illusions of progress

drivers slow down
children find kinship with weeds
everyone walks at the speed
of a toddler

is lamb’s cress the right herb
to appease a household spirit
deprived of its privacy? All 
such arcana is lost. 

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