Circling Rivers, February 2021

Introducing Circling Rivers youtube channel!

We have two playlists: Walt Whitman, Himself and Circling Rivers Writers 

A few on the CR writers playlist:
Nina Murray, on working as a Foreign Service Officer but mostly on poetry, in convo with POPO (August POetry POstcard Fest) founder, Paul E Nelson youtube
Bernie Horn reading from his CR collection LOVE’S FINGERPRINTS, via zoom. Sixty people attended, from New England to California to Israel. Some of the elders remembered to us their parents and the Holocaust; how some would speak of it, while others kept silent. It’s good to hear these things, sad as they are. youtube 

Praise and Threnody: Collected Poems,
by Robert Hazel

A few years ago, we published a reprint of Robert Hazel‘s Who Touches This. I admit, it’s not really what I wanted to do. What I wanted to do is publish this, a collected edition of Robert’s poetry. To let Robert Hazel’s work remain out of print is to wound the greater body of American poetry. Barry Spacks described Robert’s work: “Hart Crane pouring back into the language, and behind him Walt Whitman, the main current flowing, but gracefully; the natural, special, endlessly ambitious American poetics; the true inheritance.” Publication info, cover image and more

Circling Rivers Writers

Erin Wilson, Takahe

ERIN WILSON | Erin’s poem “The Moose Calf” was published in the 100th issue of takahē Magazine, of Aotearoa, New Zealand (print). Behind Erin is the celebration poster featuring all 100 covers, and she holds the 100th issue. Congratulations to takahē Magazine!  | “Milk,” Hole in the Head Review; “A Study, at Maria’s on Notre Dame,” at San Pedro River Review (print)

KENNETH POBO | “Jerry and Jeff Don’t Believe In” Tulsa Review | “Hibernation” and “Dulcet Tones Says He’s Been on the Moon” Tethers End Magazine | “Porter Wagoner,” “Dulcet Tones Watching the Seventh Seal,” “Dulcet Tones on a Swing”  at 433 – scroll down to watch a vintage video of Dolly Parton in duet with Wagoner 433 Journal  |  “Lazy but Happy” Plants And Poetry Journal

NINA MURRAY | Nina’s CR collection ALCESTIS IN THE UNDERWORLD reviewed by Roy Schelle:  “Here is the poet holding to the parallel planes of existence she began with. It is an amazing journey there and back, providing us, like Alcestis, with a new lease on life.” Compulsive Reader  | “The Ghosts of Spies” Bombay Gin (print)

JEAN HUETS | Jean reviewed for Historical Novel Society: Cathedral, by Ben Hopkins, Clockwork Gypsy, by Jeri Westerson, Jeeves and the Leap of Faith, by Ben Schott 

BERNIE HORN | “The Ideal World”

Poets Laureate

In January, Circling Rivers’ home town of Richmond, Virginia, selected its first poet laureate, Douglas Powell, known in the community by his stage name, Roscoe Burnems. As a poet, published author, spoken-word artist, comedian and teacher, Burnems has donated his time to the St. Joseph’s Villa Alternative Education Program, University of Richmond’s Partners in the Arts, and ART 180, in addition to leading poetry workshops at Richmond middle and high schools.  He is a National Poetry Slam Champion, a former TEDx speaker and the founder of the Writer’s Den Art Collective. 

“It is the diversity of the city and the adversities that we are able to overcome as a community that cultivate our resilience as people,” said Burnems. “This is the soil for change and progression to sprout and expand into a tree that blooms the fruit of our tenacity. We decide if that fruit is sweetened with peace or embittered with division.”

Roscoe Burnems website | Richmond Poet Laureate website.

And in case you haven’t watched it enough times already, here’s Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman reading at the inauguration. My Superbowl cheers will be with her as she reads pre-game (no link yet!)

Stay warm, stay well, and hang in there!