Circling Rivers, December 2020

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Circling Rivers Writers

Bernard Horn | “The love and relationships between father, mother, son and siblings is tender, palpable, and binds his family down three generations despite anti-Semitism, emigration, a North American trans-continental relocation, and war. ” Bernard Horn’s LOVE’S FINGERPRINTS, which launched November 3, 2020,  got a beautiful review in Amsterdam Quarterly Review here.

Jean Huets | Book reviews at Historical Novel Society: David Diop’s harrowing WWI novel, At Night All Blood Is Black at HNS; Lea Singer’s novel (transl by Elisabeth Lauffe) The Piano Student, on the stormy love affair between Vladimir Horowitz and his student Nico Kaufmann at HNS; Gregory Maguire’s A Wild Winter Swan, set in magical 1960s NYC Christmas season at HNS

Nina Murray | Nina reads her poem “Ghosts of Spies” from Alcestis in the Underworld at (where else?) the entrance to a crypt. See this and other CR videos at our fledgling youtube channel here

Kenneth Pobo | New  poems: “Flower Car” at Neurological Literary Magazine, “Today in the Woods” at Mineral Lit Mag; “Love, American Style, at  West Trade Review. And featuring a new persona, Dulcet Tones: “The Honeymooners” and “Dulcet Tones Comes Out to his Unresponsive Dad” at The Bombay Review; “Dulcet Tones Takes Up Painting” at Rockvale Review

Erin Wilson | New poems: “The Green Jadeite Mug” at The Honest Ulsterman; “Living” at The Prairie Journal (plus more in print edition);  “A Little Warmth,” “Fifty,” “Three Days Past the Summer Solstice, I Think of Your Loneliness” at Juniper: A Poetry Journal; “The Partita,” and “What to Do in the City,” in the first issue of Pensive, A Global Journal of Spirituality and the Arts