April 2017

Loplop in a Red City, by Kenneth Pobo

loplop_cover_frontLoplop‘s release date of May 16 approaches!

To celebrate the release, Circling Rivers will publish (free) on-line several poems from Loplop, illustrated with reproductions of the artworks that inspired them, along with Kenneth’s thoughts on why that artwork, why that poem. We’ll send the link to you in May, and announce it on-line as well.

James Esch, in Turk’s Head Review, writes a thought-provoking essay on Kenneth’s book, and on the inspiration that visual art can carry to literature.

“It is a mark of artistic success when an ekphrastic poem makes you want to see the artwork for yourself. These poems will lead you to the search engines looking for his original sources. [See above!] This is how Ken Pobo sees art, and you can’t help but wonder, will I see the same things he sees? Yes and no. His is an intense, personal vision. But what he does make you realize is that when you look at art, you CAN and SHOULD see for yourself. Loplop in a Red City is a testament to the power of art’s ability to inspire.”

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Friends of Circling Rivers

Michele Poulis’s documentary film A Late Style of Fire  continues to gather acclaim.  Drawn from hundreds of hours of interviews, A Late Style of Fire portrays Larry Levis, one of America’s great poets, and captures the life of poetry and the passion that drives its creators.

Gerry Hausman’s anthology Guns includes Michael Gibbons’ poem “The Hunt” along with works by Scott Momaday, Jane Lindskold, Bill Worrell, and others. Michael is Marta Elva’s incredibly supportive spouse; he’s helped immensely in the launch and promotion of her book. At Amazon

American Tumbleweeds by Marta Elva is a finalist for the Sarton Women’s Book Award. The awards are sponsored by the Story Circle Network, an international nonprofit community of women writers. The program is named in honor of May Sarton, who is remembered for her outstanding contributions to women’s literature as a memoirist, novelist, and poet.