Thank you for considering Circling Rivers as a home for your work. We are open to fiction, nonfiction, and poetry set primarily in North America. We welcome novella-length fiction, long-form nonfiction, and short story and poetry collections. We are also interested in interactive works.

Send us compelling works that convey a strong sense of place and time — whether 200 or 10 years ago, just last month, or 100 years in the future.

We are not seeking children’s or young adult work (unless of equal interest to adults); or “category” science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, or erotica.

To submit your work to Circling Rivers

  • FICTION & POETRY: Send a query and up to about 30 pages of your work. (Do not send your entire manuscript until we request it.) Send your query in the body of the email. Attach the sample as a Word doc or PDF.
  • NONFICTION & INTERACTIVE: Send a brief cover letter and a proposal. Send the cover in the body of the email. Attach the proposal as a Word doc or PDF.
  • Include your phone number.
  • Include your work’s total word count (page count for poetry).
  • Put the words QUERY [your name, title of your work] in your subject line to keep it out of our spam box.
  • Please be aware that if you do not follow these simple guidelines, your work may be deleted unconsidered.

Send your query or proposal + sample to JeanH [at] CirclingRivers [dot] com

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