Thank you for considering Circling Rivers as a home for your work. We are open to fiction, nonfiction, and poetry set primarily in North America. We welcome novella-length fiction, long-form nonfiction, short story and poetry collections, and books on crafts and food. If you are an anthologist, send us your concept.

Send us compelling works that convey a strong sense of place and time — whether 200 or 10 years ago, just last month, or 100 years in the future. Coming of age and “cross-over” children’s/YA/adult books are welcome, but we’re not seeking category children’s, MG, or YA. Love stories and speculative fiction are welcome, but we’re not seeking category science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, or erotica.

Circling Rivers is a small, fledgling press. This impacts our authors in several ways. We can’t offer large advances, and we don’t have a dedicated sales force and publicity department. We won’t take on a book we can’t sell, and we don’t expect writers to be marketing experts, but each author must cooperate with our efforts to publicize his or her work.

We plan to grow thoughtfully, with the understanding that a small press must build a reputation not only among readers and reviewers, but among writers. We’re drawn to the author, known or unknown, whose work offers insight and depth, beautiful writing, and the wondrous absorption of reading. We’re not interested in emulating large publishers, with star, mid-list, and “maybe” writers, or small presses that sign books indiscriminately, knock them through production, then let them sink or swim. Each writer who publishes with Circling Rivers gets our full respect and focus, and the benefit of our skills in all aspects of publishing.

To submit your work to Circling Rivers

IMPORTANT: We respond to all queries that comply with our simple guidelines. If you don’t hear back from us within eight weeks, chances are your query did not reach us or it did not comply with the following guidelines and was deleted without consideration. Please try again.

  • Review our interests as described above.
  • Include your work’s total word count (page count for poetry).
  • Put the words QUERY + your name + the title of your work in your subject line.
  • FICTION: Send a query and a sample: the first three chapters of your novel or two short stories.
  • POETRY: Send a query and a sample of up to 10 poems.
  • NONFICTION or INTERACTIVE: Send a brief cover letter including your credentials, a succinct proposal (the overall concept + a descriptive sentence for each chapter), and sample of about 2000 words from the work you are proposing.
  • If you have a website, include a link to it.
  • Send everything in the body of the email. NO attachments will be accepted.
  • Send your query to JeanH [at] CirclingRivers [dot] com

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