JUNE 2016


Some beautiful reviews have come in for Marta’s book on Goodreads, Amazon — and on Latin-e, an English-language Latino media outlet. See Latin-e review  “Elva’s novel…is a story of bravery, family, and humanity, one that everyone should know.”

Thanks very, very much to those of you who have posted reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and other outlets. Amazon & Goodreads customer reviews in particular are absolutely essential to the success of the book. If you’d like to receive a free copy in exchange for posting an unbiased review, please contact me: jeanh [at] circlingrivers [dot] com.

Even if you don’t review books, you can vote for reviews you find helpful (or not). You’ll see the buttons after each review. On Amazon, the reviews (good or bad) that get the most YES votes for “helpful” will be the first reviews readers see. Visit Amazon book page

Be sure to enter our Goodreads Giveaway, running until July 4. Even if you’ve already snapped up your own copy, surely you know someone who would love to have a copy as a gift. Enter Goodreads giveaway

Thanks to Teddy Rose, Canadian booklover and reviewer, for her spotlight and giveaway of American Tumbleweeds. We had over 1200 entries! Visit Teddy Rose 


Prize-winning poet Steve Scafidi wrote a wonderful endorsement for With Walt Whitman: Himself:

“Here is a beautiful book of windows onto the life of Walt Whitman. From the clear ringing prose to the fascinating photographs and colored illustrations of the great poet’s life we find the man anew—standing in his time and looking straight at us. With Walt Whitman: Himself is perfectly titled, for to read of him so closely is to feel his eyes upon you, to sense his company as real as your own. It is good company and that is Huets’ accomplishment. She has made a book of marvels and I can’t put it down.”

Steve Scafidi is author of poetry collections To the Bramble and the Briar and The Cabinetmaker’s Window, and recipient of James Boatwright Prize, Larry Levis Reading Prize, Miller Williams Prize, and Library of Virginia Literary Award for Poetry.

With Walt Whitman: Himself is available on iTunes as an interactive book. If you have a Mac or iPad, check it out. It’s a lot of fun, even if it’s me saying so.


Congratulations to Pam Webber, whose debut novel Wiregrass was selected as Editor’s Choice by the Historical Novel Society. Visit Pam Webber

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