February 2017

American Tumbleweeds, by Marta Elva

Marta Elva, American TumbleweedsWe’re proud and happy to announce that Marta Elva’s American Tumbleweeds has been shortlisted for the 2016 Sarton Women’s Book Award. The awards are sponsored by the Story Circle Network, an international nonprofit community of women writers. The program is named in honor of May Sarton, who is remembered for her outstanding contributions to women’s literature as a memoirist, novelist, and poet. See the rest of the shortlist here.

Loplop in a Red City, by Kenneth Pobo

loplop_cover_frontIn case you didn’t notice on our (slightly redesigned) home page, Kenneth Pobo’s Loplop in a Red City has a cover! The central image is a 1930 painting by Max Ernst, Loplop Introduces Loplop. I’d like to say we chose the bird to coincide with this year’s Chinese calendar animal, the Fire Rooster, but it’s just an auspicious coincidence!

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