Barbara Newman, Professor of English, Religious Studies, and Classics at Northwestern University sent Jean the following note. Barbara’s book From Virile Woman to WomanChrist was a primary source and inspiration for Bones.

“Just a quick note to say how much I love your novel!  It’s a great read. I still remember how excited I was, when staying at Bellagio in the fall of 2004, to discover the painting of St. Guglielma at Brunate. Having just finished an article on the Guglielmites, I set myself to solve the historical mystery of how the cult came to be revived 150 years later—and of course the tarot card was one key to that mystery. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the advantage of visionary time travel! Your riveting account suggests the amazing charisma that both Guglielma and Maifreda must have had to attract such devotion, and at such a cost. In any case, I’m honored to have been the muse of your novel, and will certainly recommend it to my friends.”

To buy The Bones You Have Cast Down, visit The Bones You Have Cast Down at gertrude m books/Circling Rivers.


We’re proud to announce that American Tumbleweeds has been included in the curriculum for Chicano Studies at University of Texas, El Paso. One of the highlights of Marta’s Southwest book tour was speaking at the University, where she found students eager to hear her story, connecting it to their own stories even over the decades that have passed since the 1960s, when American Tumbleweeds takes place.

To buy American Tumbleweeds, visit American Tumbleweeds at Circling Rivers.

LOPLOP IN A RED CITY, by Kenneth Pobo

Praise for Kenneth Pobo’s forthcoming poetry collection Loplop in a Red City comes from Robert Cooperman, author of In the Colorado Gold Fever Mountains, winner of the Colorado Book Award for Poetry: “These wonderful poems go way beyond mere ekphrasis. They’re little masterpieces in their own right, bursting with exuberant life from the page and into our memories without our having to know anything about the paintings that inspired them. Indeed, change the titles and we’d still have gorgeous works of literary art.”

We’ll be unveiling Loplop‘s cover soon; LIKE our Facebook page to get the first look.

As always, thank you for your support!

As the year draws in and, in northern latitudes, the days are chill and the nights long, please accept our wishes for all the joy and love that life can offer. And for extra warmth and cheer, try Marta’s recipe for the traditional Mexican hot drink Atole, featured on the back of the American Tumbleweeds Reading Guide. Download the PDF

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