Circling Rivers News | February 2014

Our first release is in the works! Walt Whitman and The Poem of the Body will be an interactive book, for iPad, with possibly a later release in print. This is a new adventure for me as a writer and as a book designer, and I’m enjoying it. More than that, I’m loving getting to know Walt Whitman better, as a man, as a poet, as a “human being … in the latter half of the Nineteenth Century, in America,” as he put it. My aim is that the book will deepen for others, as working on it has for me, the experience of Walt’s poetry and prose.

Circling Rivers will continue to focus on short works of Americana. Short works are so very hard to place in traditional publishing that we wish to provide a niche for them. We are especially interested in poetry and nonfiction, but will gladly consider novellas as well. Please see our submissions guidelines.

In closing, I’d like to mention a forthcoming publication by a poet whom I consider a friend of Circling Rivers, Steve Scafidi. After absorbing several of his Lincoln poems, I approached him — alas, U of Arkansas had already snapped him up! Steve captures the bloody and bright, cotton and tophat, sweat and dirt pageantry of nineteenth-century America and welds it to what answers — unexpectedly — in our own time. His book “To the Bramble and the Briar” is due out in March – University of Arkansas Press.

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